Art of intimacy
Tantra meeting for the couples

Art of intimacy

Meeting with practical elements:

  • Secrets of deep conscious connection between partners in physical, emotional, sexual and energetic levels;
  • How it works in daily life;
  • Polarities of masculine and feminine energy;
  • Sacred Path of Tantra.

Sacred Tantra Meeting - for the couples

Deep meditation with partner in confident separate space, requires equal number of masculine and feminine.

( requires registration online or on the spot – check infoboard )

About Juris

Juris Bharganath and his beloved Bhavani are travelers, friends and lovers. “For several years, we have been traveling around the world to discover and practice various spiritual paths. We learn from this mysterious process called Life. The closest to our heart is Tantra, the most beautiful of the Life Sciences - the Way of the Heart and Love. This is the way in which we meet, an experience that remains, empathy and inspiration that leads us further. A gift - that we are ready to share.