Tickets that are valid till the very end:

  • on Thursday (07.25) – 75 €
  • on Friday (07.26) – 75 €
  • on Saturday (07.27 from 10 am) – 55 €
  • on Sunday (07.28 from 10 am) – 25 €

The gates open 2pm on Thursday.


Daytime ticket is valid on Friday, Saturday or Sunday from 10 am till 11 pm.


  • on Friday (07.26) – 25 €*
  • on Saturday (07.27) – 35 €*
  • on Sunday (07.28) – 25 €*

* You pay the price of full ticket at that date on entrance, but you get deposit back if you leave till 11 pm and return your bracelet.

  • Discounts are only applied at the gates.
  • Children younger than 16 years get 50% discount, entrance for children 12 years or younger is free (with an accompanying adult).
  • Elders of retirement age don't need to buy a ticket (you will need to show your social id document), but you can donate as much as you want.
  • Disabled persons get 50% discount.

You will be able to park your home on wheels in the festival territory. Space is limited and the permit will cost an additional 30 €.

Presale tickets

Presale has ended. Check your tickets

NOTE: do not forget to bring your photo ID (or a copy of) to verify your identity – presale tickets are nominal.

To change your ticket details please contact us.


Drunk or aggressive persons are unwanted at the festival and may not be allowed to enter or asked to leave.