Bioenergetically friendly clothes

Although it is not widely known, however, dress cutting and material selection are very important. Understanding human bioenergetics, knowing bioenergetically important places in the body, the importance of cutting the cloth in the right way becomes obvious.

Liuba Va (Liubov Molockaja) will tell you, in a very simple language, how to choose a cloth, to wear, wash, store and dispose it. She will also provide the information about the esoteric and bioenergetic processes and teach how to make an energy protective clothing for yourself and your family.

Liuba Va clothing cures and fills, gives a unique mood,joy, lightness and freedom. Each garment is strictly individual, the same as our fingerprint or eye iris.

You will have the opportunity to make your own dress. You can bring a piece of linen fabric (size 3m x 1.5m) and a scissors. Also Liuba Va will have some material herself, in case you will need it.