Givin School. A step to awakening

The school of Givin offers people unique practical knowledge to reveal their true nature. The methodology of the school is accessible to everyone and is based on working with the mind, physical body, feelings and the ego. The school allows in a short time to reach the state of awakening and continue the path of evolution of consciousness up to going beyond all the illusions of the mind. Awakening is incredibly easy! You open your eyes and begin to see the world as it is - without distorting concepts and assessments of the mind. White becomes black and black becomes white. Nothing and no one is better or worse than the other, but everything is filled with meaning that requires no explanation. You are beyond death and beyond life. You are not an accident. For the first time you feel yourself in your place, because the whole world is this infinite Being, which consists of ... Of you!

How to take the first step to this natural and sublime state of man, we will talk at the satsang meeting “Step to Awakening”.

At the meeting you:

  • Get acquainted with the main stages of the evolution of human consciousness;
  • In practice, try the basic techniques of meditation to accelerate the evolution of consciousness;
  • Find out what opportunities a person gets when awakened;
  • Take a closer look at the school;
  • Get to know people who have mastered the art of living in practice;
  • You can ask the moderator any questions;

The meeting is intended for everyone who is looking for an effective spiritual practice, a solid team of like-minded people who are heading towards the main goal, want to fully realize themselves and achieve a state of unconditional happiness. Take a step to wake up with us!