Shamanic healing massage of the abdomen

Chuno yaka (Dovile) was taught the healing traditions of the amazonian by Shipibo shamans of the Shipibo / Conibo lineage in Peru. She is following the path of the medicine for 7 years now.

Shamanic healing massage is an ancient indigenous technique of listening to the pain inside of your body and massaging key power points to remove your pain. Whether your pain manifests physically or mentally, I’m able to connect to the spirit of the plants and press specific points on your body where your emotional pain and stress needs to be released. This kind of massage is helping to remove all kinds of stressors and emotional toxins that have been present in your body since childhood. As a shaman I will be able to tell you how and why you are letting stress get into your body and will also advise you on the aspects of your own personality that you can take a look at and change, so you could to prevent stress from re-entering your body and mind.