Leela game

Leela was designed in India over two thousand years ago. The game is based on Vedic knowledge and is the key to inner states and knowledge of dharma principles. It gives the opportunity to know yourself, to see and understand your way, to come to a variety of perceptions, insights and different emotions.

The game will be leaded by Gitana Platakytė-Grigienė. She was initiated by Leela Guru Omkar (Vladimir Skobelev).

As Omkar (Vladimir Skobelev) says: “As our previous actions have created our present, we are also building our future with our current actions. It is a key moment in the Lila game. You could be done something wrong in life, but if you create good things now, your destiny will inevitably change ... The goal of the game is to help human understand how to blend with God's Consciousness. Reveal what's really happening in your life on a particular issue, and to help understand how to bring harmony and balance back there.”

**Only 11 people can participate in the Lila game, so registration is required. You can do it by writing a personal message on facebook to Gitana Platakyte Grigiene or to phone number 869831733.

You can also watch the game.
We will walk without shoes so bring warm socks. Also you should have a pen and paper. And of course the question you are concerned about.
Exact duration of the game can not be defined because it depends on each individual processes.