Inner vision drawing

I am Sigita Mockute – Psigidelia.

For me, creation is a sacred experience where the inner layers of our being are revealed, it is a meditative meeting with ourselves.

From my childhood, I attended a school of fine arts, graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, developed in Austria at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, traveling around the world with my paintings through festivals and events, doing live drawings and sharing the healing effects of art – so I am improving in various ways.

I invite you to experience the beauty of creation together!

Inner vision drawing

Creativity is a great way to get to know your own inner worlds, deepen your intuition, listen to and discover new internal dialogues with your being, cast out your feelings through colors and shapes. Drawing an inner vision is a meditative conversation with your "I" through colors, an intuitive creative experience that requires no preparation. It is at the same time an inner journey and group therapy in a safe, supportive environment without competition or comparisons. Here we gather to learn and to discover ourselves again.

During the exercise:

  • we will work with watercolors, colored pencils and other instruments
  • meditation for the discovery of inner vision
  • the basis of the composition
  • nuances of color harmonics
  • creativity excitement exercises
  • everyone will create one piece
  • duration of the session ~ 3-3.5 hours