Rituals in mythology of birth

How we escort a woman to childbirth and how we welcome her returning from the birth journey.

Prausynos or Birth Road Ceremony

1991 In Lithuania, a new traditions of preparing for birth for newborn families has emerged: prausynos, embroidering of a birth shirt and endowing. Fosters and initiators of traditions - Jurgita Švedienė and Laimė Kiškūnė.

The purpose of the prausynos Ritual is to give a sense and emphasize the most important moment of the mother's and her child's transformation - the birth journey, to give the woman support, and to wish strength for the birth. Prausynos ritual, embroidering of a birth shirt and the gifts are arranged by closest women. After ritual woman gets a linen birth shirt that is sewn and embroider by closest women which she wears while going to give a birth.

These rituals contain a number of elements of different national customs, as well as fragments from the treasure of Lithuanian traditions. Over time, it has become a tradition and has spread to other family communities, each improvising and adapting to their needs.


From the need, careful observation, and the desire to help overcome the anxiety that comes with postpartum expectations and bustling feelings, we have discovered Vytulavimas. It is a ceremony that closes the birth space, completing the birth transformation. Thanks to the ceremony, the Woman is born with a new force.

Each participant should bring a scarf.