Slavic Health, Jape Gymnastic, Sound Practice

More clearly, more precisely, more deeply.

Where there are already no systems, but there is a level that is above. Where there are already no sounds, but there is a source of sound. Where there are no thoughts and emotions, but there is a source of thoughts and emotions. Deeper and deeper to the fact phenomenon.

What opportunities does our body have? What is capable our mind of? We examine a fine state of mind in which the possibility of the detection of our own hidden possibilities appears – with the help of ancient slavic Jokers' practices: couple dynamic meditation Yar, Volnovanie, the breath of fire Rarozhich, Raspberry ringing, Proguzhivanie and others.

Slavic Health

Activities that awakes the body, its resourceful state, and at the same time inner peace. Individual and couples exercises.

Jape Gymnastics

Body practices that help relieve tension, body shaping-return to its true-natural position, opening up a new level of mental freedom, dynamic meditation.

Sound Practice

Voice is like a healer, a protector, a promoter, a tranquilizer. Various timbre bells singing bowls - deep meditation to the sound.